Dean Cummings

Dean Cummings’ storied career in the mountains

The guy is like a Marine, in all the best ways—super fit, intense, smart and dedicated to saving lives—including his own. Dean Cummings has for years skied and guided on …

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Pocatello Mountain Biking - - Web

My adventure racing story, solace for fellow beginners

I’m a pretty regular attendee at a Friday exercise class. Recently, the teacher let me pick the class agenda. My choice: a circuit. Why? Because the variety of exercises and equipment …

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Made in the USA - Farm to Feet Socks

Farm to Feet wool socks redefine Made in the USA

The quick summary of what we like about Farm to Feet socks: USA Made – every aspect of Farm to Feet socks, including the ink used on the packaging is …

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Red Ants Pants - 1

Top 10 USA made outdoor clothing brands with style

Here at Garage Grown Gear we spend a lot of time searching for high-quality USA Made outdoor clothing (along with our search for high-quality USA made outdoor equipment, nutrition, accessories, …

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